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Hail from the CTC... Chernarus Trading company.

We are a neutral trading group planning to establish permanent outposts in the region to allow for safe trading for all. Our members conduct scavenging expeditions throughout Chernarus, searching for everything from the gear of an average survivor to the large scale needs of large clans. Soon a trading post under our name will be planted with the purpose of allowing such trades in a protected environment. We hope that this base will become a sort of DMZ, where clans good or bad will respect the rules of the outpost and trade with us or each other in a civil and organized manner. 

Politically we are neutral to all groups, trading with anyone who has worthwhile goods to barter with. We maintain a white list of players that have encountered us and remained civil, as well as a blacklist of those who have been present during “negative” interactions. We are generally happy to assist clans with logistical operations at request, conducting “Good Faith” missions for the better of all Chernarus. 

Currently we number around 10, usually mobilizing in two five man fire teams scattered around the wasteland. However we are always looking for new recruits who value teamwork and logistics more than robbery and death. We do not openly recruit in the field, so if a player is interested in becoming a part of the CTC the most effective way is to link up with one of our fire teams and request to tag along. If a player proves their worth, one of the CTC member may vouch for the player to join the group.

We prefer not to fire our weapons at anyone who isn't a brain hungry zed, however we are very prepared to defend ourselves in the case of robbery or firefight. Over watch is considered mandatory on all missions, so when encountering CTC be aware that while several of the feet on the ground are obvious... several are not.

So Cheers to the men and women of the wastes!

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